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What we do

Photograph: Robert Ormerod

NIDOS is the network in Scotland that unites the international development sector to promote effectiveness and collectively influence the policy agenda. Our aim is to strengthen the contribution of Scottish organisations to reducing inequality and poverty worldwide.

Our network has a uniquely global reach, with members working in at least 142 countries with a wide range of specialisms.  We help members share their skills and learn from each others’ best practice to boost effectiveness across the sector.

We make our members more powerful by enabling them to:

  • Network and engage
    By working together, organisations become stronger and more effective. We help our members to network with one another and with other relevant organisations and individuals.
  • Learn from each other
    By sharing information, knowledge and experience, organisations can improve their own work. We promote the development of good practice and provide services to help members become more effective. 
  • Raise more funds
    Funding can be hard to come by in these tight economic times. We help organisations to find and access funding for their work.
  • Have more influence
    When the international development sector in Scotland has a collective voice, we can achieve more for communities overseas. We bring our members together so everyone can have more influence. 

One of the ways in which we strengthen our members is by helping them to become more effective. Find out how Kelly Williams and her fellow committee members at Edinburgh Global Partnerships were supported by NIDOS in this Effectiveness Case Study.