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About Us

NIDOS (Network of International Development Organisations in Scotland) is the network in Scotland that unites the international development sector to promote effectiveness and collectively influence the policy agenda.

Our aim is to to strengthen the contribution of Scottish organisations to reducing inequality and poverty worldwide.

On this page:


How will we achieve our aim?

  • By improving the effectiveness of more Scottish international development organisations
  • By supporting our individual member organisations to increase their capacity so that they can do more and do it better
  • By facilitating networking between our members and with other key stakeholders in Scotland
  • By increasing the capacity and influence of Diasporan-led organisations in Scotland - because we recognise the contribution that this community makes to international development
  • By engaging with similar national organisations in the global South – because we recognise the importance of developing links with the countries in which the people our members work with live
  • By seeking to influence other players (such as Governments, academic institutions and businesses) – because it’s not just international development organisations that have an impact on poverty reduction

These outcomes are covered in more detail in our business plan 2014-2017.

To find out more about how we will achieve these outcomes and how you can get involved, see What we do.


Why a Scottish network?

Originally formed in 2000, NIDOS came about partly in response to the creation of a newly devolved Scottish Parliament. It also sought to recognise Scotland’s separate identity and geographical isolation from the bulk of the UK’s international development sector, which is predominantly based in London and the South East. Find out more about networks for England, Wales and Northern Ireland here.

The Scottish Government’s involvement with international development has grown considerably since NIDOS’ inception. We continue to respond to the need to collate and represent the views of the Scottish sector to Scottish political institutions, and other stakeholders in Scotland and throughout the UK.


How we are funded

NIDOS is funded by:

See NIDOS staff for details of our members of staff and what they do.

See NIDOS Governance Documents for our Constitution/Mem and Arts, annual report and accounts, business plan, annual impact report, AGM minutes and Board minutes. See NIDOS board for detail of our board of trustees.


NIDOS Partners

NIDOS aims to work in partnership with our members as well as other stakeholders in Scotland, the UK and the wider world. Our key current partners are as follows.

Our Funders:

NIDOS is grateful for the funding and support provided by:

  • NIDOS members through their membership fees and donations for one-off pieces of work
  • The Scottish Government which provides NIDOS with a grant for its core work
  • The Department for International Development (DFID) which currently funds NIDOS for part of the delivery of its Effectiveness programme


  • We have recently received sponsorship for events and publications from: Diversity Travel, Ebury
  • We have received in-kind training for our members from Morton Fraser Solicitors

Partners for work delivery:

We also work with a number of freelance trainers for the delivery of our courses and seminars.

We have worked with Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh University, Glasgow University and Aberdeen University for one-off partnerships for events or activities in the past year and with others Universities in relation to internships, as well as with other NGOs, including the Edinburgh World Justice Festival and the Just Festival among others.

NIDOS and / or its staff are member of the following networks:


Strategic Plan 2017-2020: Scotland's International Development Alliance 

At the NIDOS Annual General Meeting on 29 September 2016, NIDOS members agreed a new strategic plan for 2017-2020, including a new name for the network.

Under the new strategic plan, we will widen the membership to attract new members not only from NGOs but also from other elements of public life who endorse our vision and mission and subscribe to our values. To reflect these changes, we are changing our name to make it more inclusive for everyone who subscribes to our vision, mission and values. Effective 1 April 2017, our new name will be Scotland’s International Development Alliance (SInDA). 

Our new vision, mission, and objectives, as well as the full strategic plan, can be found on this page.


NIDOS is a registered charity (SCO35314) and Company Limited by Guarantee (SC307352).